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Connecting to The Source session Toronto Nov 1,2015


We will be holding a "Connecting to The Source" session


226 Queen St West, 2nd floor, Toronto, Ontario M5v 1z6

Time 11am-1pm

In the session every participant will be provided with an energy that is a nurturing life force energy of source power, presence and love in order to provide you with all that you require on a mental, physical and spiritual level. You are provided a very unique experience which may include a healing, a kundalini awakening, an attunement, or an initiation tailored to you. This is dictated by who you are, where you are in life and on your spiritual journey. 

Mohammad was born with an ability that connects humanity to the source. He became aware of this in 2003 and has been working with this energy ever since. Mohammad has facilitated hundreds of group sessions and have been working with people individually in Canada and South America. Also working with people with various diseases from cancer to chronic pain as well as individuals with mental health concerns and addictions, that in many cases have had profound change.

For those of you who have not experienced Mohammad and wish to know more you can click on the link provided to watch a session that took place in Brazil although I highly recommend experiencing this Source energy in person.
Click on this link > 

Host:  Vanessa Ferraro

This is the work of source. 
Please share this as we are here in service to humanity. 

Please bring a Yoga mat or something to lay on.

The Exchange is $50. 

Any questions you can contact Mohammad at