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Mohammad Experience

All dressed in white
Radiating the Christ Light
His beautiful essence
Magnifying his presence
And in as much
As a single touch
I totally surrender
My soul to sender
And on Angel wings
My Spirit sings
In the ultimate perfection
Of this Divine Connection
Bathed in white light
I feel sheer delight
As I journey far
Towards that bright star
But along the way
Dimensions at play
Past life places
And Sacred Spaces
Galaxies so bright
Such a beautiful sight
Pyramids of Gold
Ancient Cities of Old
Crystalline caves
Atlantean waves
Pillars of power
Meteorite Shower
Hands with Callous
Holding a Chalice
Angles on guard
Alabaster and Nard
As I rise far above
Expanding the love
Cobra and Eagle
Golden and Regal
Meld into one
In the Golden Sun
Through Costa Rica trees
And a gentle breeze
Past vines and ferns
My soul gently returns
Back to the room
It seems all too soon
I study each face
In this Sacred place
And thank God for each one
And what we’ve begun
As we journey together
In this time called forever
In Mohammad’s embrace
There is a sacred space
Where our hearts meet
And our souls greet
And as we part
We hold in our heart
The love that we shared
The adventure we dared
To experience together
In this time called forever
— Charmaine Gagnon - Canada
Being close to Mohammad has helped me see my reality in a very deep, but simple way. I met him two years ago and still remember his words, as he always speaks truthfully and from the heart. He is always willing to listen, and share his love and gift generously with anyone who wants to receive it. His presence is so powerful that I have even met him in dreams a couple of times. His energy goes beyond what one can think of, helping oneself understand life in a different way. Receiving the energy that comes through in a session is a complete blessing that usually requires more time to understand from the heart. However, once you get it, it remains with you for ever. I have learnt, grown, and transformed my life so much since we met that I can be nothing but grateful to him.
— Pilar - Colombia

There is a magical quality about Mohammad; it is present in the lyrical sounds of his name, and in the way he weaves his energy in and out among those gathered before a session, drawing us together with threads of love. It is present in the gentleness with which he opens his arms and his heart, and in the attention he gives to the slightest energetic need I may have. I feel cherished in his presence. Each time I experience Mohammad’s gift, my own heart opens more and more to the energy of the divine, until I am filled with the awesome awareness that whatever intention I have set for the session will be manifest.
— Joy Korbely - Canada

I have been to Connecting to Source 3 times, and every session has been different for me. However, one thing never changes - the moment I step into the space I feel peaceful, calm, and centered. Just by being in Mohammad’s presence I immediately align to my higher self. The moment he places his hand on me I feel a rush of blissful energy that forces itself through my body, leaving me no choice but to surrender. Once I lie on my back I get visions, feelings, and emotions that are specific to each session. I always feel clear, balanced and refreshed after his session.

Each soul will feel if it is time to remember its true nature. Mohammad’s sessions are unique and guaranteed to shift you and propel your soul’s evolution. I highly recommend this experience for anyone who is willing to align to their source.
— Emmanuelle Salvador - Philippines
After meeting Mohammad I felt a profound shift in how I saw my life and how I interacted with other beings around me. I didn’t realize it at the moment, but my life is now going in a new direction, in which I would feel the presence of source on a more regular basis. I am grateful for having gone to his session and I always look forward to experiencing him again and again.
— Vanessa - Chile

Meeting Mohammed was one of the greatest gifts someone could ever receive in this lifetime. He helped me understand that my soul is, and has always been, ready for this moment. From the moment we started the session I knew that I was meant to be near him and the other souls that gathered in that place in order to open ourselves, connect to our hearts, and the heart of Colombia.

The way he works helped me to connect to a higher truth that I know was there, waiting for me silently and surrounding me every day until I was ready to touch it. He helped me connect to my inner voice, to the true gift that I have to share with the people in this world.

Since the day he left I have had the knowing that I’m always connected to this river, to this eternal flow of energy that he calls the source. Now every time I wish to express this source, I know I have it in my presence, in my words, in my voice, in my eyes, and in the way I look.

So I thank him from the bottom of my heart, for awakening this golden light form inside and letting it flourish like a lotus.
— Much love, Your brother Eduardo - Colombia

A profound inner-shift took place after I had my first session with Mohammad. During my first session, I had dreams of travelling in the space-time continuum and experiencing the universe on a multidimensional level from an omnipresent point of view. I was able to visually experience time as an illusion, seeing how all realities – past, present, and future – happen at once.
As if that wasn’t a transcendental experience already, on that night I had my first visual encounter with a spirit; my yoga teacher’s higher self. Since then, I have been able to feel and hear messages from him.
I was physically present in two more sessions after that, each bringing a unique soul-activation. Other times, I simply meditated at home and tuned into the session that was happening elsewhere – once you are connected to The Source, it is forever accessible to you. Considering the series of events that unfolded after I met Mohammad, you could say that the gift that his soul had for mine was a third-eye activation. My intuition, psychic intelligence, ability to see energetic bodies and communicate with beings from other dimension have all activated and evolved exponentially.
I am infinitely grateful for the connection that he bridged and, more so, to the energy that he embodies. His kindness is unconditional and his service to humanity unprecedented.
— Natascha Cambos - Brazil