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Human Vibration Retreat and Pyramid Activations Mexico



Powerful is all I can say about this gathering. I have been shown within and known about it long before this gathering was put together as I was asked to be part of.Lots of amazing work going to happen this weekend with Juan Manuel Giordano and all the people that will attend ,I will have a session on Saturday, Feb,13 and some other activation's. On Feb 14 valentine day, I will be having a session in one of  the pyramids connecting to this love day and all humanity.Take this weekend to give yourself a gift of evolving more to a higher vibration.






Main Event Program  (Some activities are in Spanish with instant English translation)



Friday, February 12th, 2016

8am-12pm Barbara Lecable joining us from Spain presents her Seminar on Healing and Reconnecting with the 13 Solar Disc Crystals

Around 1pm we leave for the Chichen Itzá Archeological Site where we will have a guided bilingual tour as well as some time to have for personal and pyramid activations guided by Mohammad Eshtehar, Juan Manuel Giordano and Bárbara Lecabel.

Once it´s dark, we will enjoy the Light and Sound show called “Noches de Kukulcán”.  Seven high tech projectors light up the pyramids for a spectacular 22 minute night show.  (Available in 9 languages)


Renace Chichen Itzá con las Noches de Kukulcán

La historia de la milenaria cultura maya es proyectada sobre la pirámide gracias al espectáculo de Luz y Sonido. Información en Todo Momento





Saturday, February 13th, 2016

8am Human Vortex experience with Pleiadian Channel Juan Manuel Giordano from Argentina

11am Working with Source energy with Mohammad Eshtehar from the US

Learn a Vibrational Self Healing Technique called AMAE  with Juan Manuel Giordano

Once it´s dark, we will stand on the beach with lit candles and work with moon light energy guided by Mohammad, Juan Manuel and Barbara


Sunday, February 14th, 2016

We leave from Playa del Carmen for a bilingual guided tour of the beautiful archeological site, Tulum that sits on the beach looking unto the blue waters of the Atlantic where Mohammad will be delighting us with a Valentine´s day Session. 


Price for main event: $375 USD (does not include meals, transportation or accommodation)



Private healing sessions with Mohammad

Learn the Pleiadian Healing Technique, Tameana with Juan Manuel Giordano




The movement began at the Teotihuacan Pyramids on the Spring Equinox in March, 2015. The people present during these activations carry a specific frequency that serves as an energetic fingerprint to activate these sites and anchor high frequency energy while strengthening the light grid.




As if a button is turned on, his energy field expands and a portal opens through this, every individual’s soul connects to The Source. Your soul travels to what he can best describe as nothingness. Within this nothingness, all celestial beings that work through him gather and work with your soul, body, and mind. Light energy shifts back and forth between your soul and the celestial beings working together to pull off layers of many life times that no longer serve you at this moment.


Through Mohammad, many people have awakened to their gifts; and as we evolve collectively to a higher consciousness, many more will awaken.
What happens in a session is indescribable and not understandable. You are called upon by your soul to connect and experience an awakening.
It's a true gift to your soul.

This is a video of Mohammad working in Brazil


For all the information on Mohammad work please check out his website




During these approximately 1 hour experiences, Pleiadian Channel Juan Manuel Giordano, not only channels light language, but a large amount of high frequency energy through his body. These Pleiadian transmissions are done with people lying down since the amount of energy that enters your body is so intense, it would be very hard for you to do it while sitting or standing.  The energy, coming from higher realms, creates a doorway for light beings to help you during your healing process, activate dormant frequencies in you, and unblock your energetic field, this all depends on your sensitivity to high frequency energy and where you might find yourself in your awakening process. (Fast forward to minute 5 where he starts channeling)





Tameana is a vibrational technique given to Juan Manuel Giordano by the Pleiadians to imitate a Human Vortex when Juan Manuel isn´t around. We use 3 clear quartz crystal tips as tools for level 1, six for level 2, and seven for level 3, as well as channeled symbols to program these crystals to vibrate at a specific frequency and create the conditions needed for light beings to help our patient during his/her healing process, as well as remove blockages and activate dormant frequencies that will assist during your evolutionary process. Anyone can learn Tameana, no previous knowledge or skills needed, and you will perform your first healing session before you leave the classroom. Level 1 will prepare you to heal up to 5 people at a time. Level 2 consists of a Pleiadian initiation, through Juan Manuel´s channeling abilities, for you to work with them during the healing of larger groups (more than 6) on Level 3. (This video explains Level 1)

For more information on Juan Manuel Giordano visit



 We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions, give you more detailed information, so please send us an email