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Connecting to The Source Toronto session July 16,2016

A connecting to The Source session is a form of communion that provides people with nurturing life force energy. You connect directly to The Source, and this connection allows you to experience the presence and energy of the truth. You are provided a very unique experience - an awakening, a healing, an attunement, or an initiation - specifically tailored to you. This is dictated by who you are and where you are in your spiritual journey.

The energy that anchors through Mohammad is the energy that has been used by many ascended master throughout centuries. This energy is not only of a heavenly nature - it is also physical. The divine energy experienced in the session is present in the elements of water, air, fire, earth, and space. It is a very grounded and rooted expression that you may experience strongly on a physical level, as well as higher spiritual awakening.

Through Mohammad, many people have awakened to their gifts; and as we evolve collectively to a higher consciousness, many more will awaken.
What happens in a session is indescribable and not understandable. You are called upon by your soul to connect and experience an awakening.

You can check out Mohammad website for more info about his work

This is a video of Mohammad working in Brazil showing you what happens in a session.

Any questions you can contact the hosts



You can book in advance to reserve a space by PayPal at or pay at the door in cash.

Location; 805 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto, ON M6H 2X4
Exchange: $50

Please bring your own mattes or blanket as you are going to be lying down.

This is the work of source happening through Mohammad. Please do share this as he is here in service to humanity.

Thank you,
Much Love