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Soul Expansion full day Workshop Sedona AZ

This workshop is a blueprint of codes and activation to align you to the energies of 5 dimension and higher. Working to bring your energy and frequency to a higher vibration. Opening your heart, and expanding your soul to its true divine nature.  All of this is for you to remember the origin of your essence, the knowing that you are always connected to everything, Holding this within your heart and coming from this space of truth. This awareness will continue to stay with you for now and ever. 

 The Opening of The Heart:

The workshop starts with a group session that connects one’s soul to their truth, and in return, the heart opens. This is the beginning of an awakening and a process that brings you to be more receptive of the entire days of energy work.

 Conversations: soul to soul:

Opportunity for Q&A within the group. 

 Unity Into Oneness:

This part of the workshop we journey into reconnecting the separation that we have created from oneness. [Feminine or masculine, father or mother, me and you, and the I] all is pointing to the self.

 Soul Tune-Up:

This part is the tuning up of the soul to the codes and activations that are aligning through Mohammad. The amplification of these codes will activate and change your DNA structure. As they move through your blood and bones. Through sound, vibration, and many other elements, the codes will be activated within every cell in your body.

 Celebrating The New You:

This is going to be an energy transfusion through music and dancing. Through movement, your creativity shines and expresses The Divine essence. A celebration of unity with your truth, the knowing that you are always connected to everything.

 This workshop is for everyone, but is mostly integrated for the people that are ready on an energetic level, and can handle the intensity of the download. You will awaken to your gifts, and you will carry these codes and activations within you for the rest of humanity. This work is for the healers and the teachers that are here propelling the evolution of humanity to a higher consciousness. Whatever their practice is or will be; this too will intensify after the workshop. 

 Location: Unity of Sedona

 65 Deer Trail Drive Sedona, AZ 86336

Date: November 4,2017

Time: 10 am – 5 pm

Exchange: $180

A deposit of $50 non-refundable via PayPal is required. Please use the friends and family option.

The remaining balance of $130 is due at the event.

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