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Spain Retreat August 12th - 18th, 2019, Valencia

Spain Retreat
August 12th - 18th, 2019

I would like to invite you to join me to gather in Valencia , Spain.

This gathering is to bring people from different parts of the world together to connect on a soul level with the energy of Spain and nature with the guidance of Mohammad’s energy work. Mohammad will be the vessel connecting the people to pure consciousness in the highest light and to the energy of God’s consciousness. During this retreat, you’ll be provided with a unique experience that cannot be understood by the mind. It is a connection of your soul, expanding beyond this dimension. The soul becomes aligned to its true purpose on Earth and undergoes an awakening, healing, attunement or initiation that is specifically tailored to you.

When your soul is free to express its true essence, whatever you do is in a visible quantum of the expression of God, higher power, or universe through the physical matter.

The retreat is to bring forth each individual’s awareness of the divine consciousness, which is his or her true essence. Thus, allowing the person to see the lower EGO self and to free themselves from their conditioning. This will be on an energetic level going to the cellular structure and the DNA.

The awakening, healing, attunement or initiation is specifically tailored to the person’s soul and the journey up until this moment. The following is what may happen to each individual in the retreat depending on his or her own conditioning:

* Awakening to their true divine purpose

* Mental, physical, spiritual healing

* Removal of condition consciousness from the past

* Bringing forth your gifted abilities

* Connecting to your spiritual guides (angels, ascended masters, deceased loved ones, etc)

A group session video in the beautiful centre you will stay:

Our activities will include group sessions, Mohammad's Source sharing, Soul to Soul exchange or treatment ( this is a time when your gifts are going to be shared with each other), hiking in the mountains and playing in this sublime land. We will have a day to go into town, relax on the beach and enjoy the graciousness of the sun and the ocean.

Included in the price is:

A shared room with beautiful souls like yourself,
Two meals a day vegetarian and ecological food
Pick up and drop off from the airport.

Note for pick up and drop off times:

Pick up time is between 10 am till 2 pm on August 12th. If you miss the pickup time, you have to find your way to the centre.

Drop off at the airport time is after 12 pm on August 18th after the retreat is over. We recommend for people to arrive one day before August 12th and fly out one day after August 18th for your convenience.

Please bring the following items for your comfort:

Towels, sheets for beds and pillowcase, bathing suit and sun block, long pant, flashlight and batteries. Please keep in mind that they do not have a lot of electricity to charge electronic devices. (Solar energy)


Pricing and registration
Seven-day price:
North American people: $900 USD
People paying in Spain: 800 EUR
Weekend price for 3 days: 390 EUR

A deposit of $200 non-refundable via PayPal is required to save a spot and the rest $700 you pay in cash at the retreat. Please use the friends and family option or else Paypal takes a big percentage and you will have to cover it after.

PayPal link:

Any enquiries should be sent to Kate for Spain people:

Mohammad North America.

My heart is full of joy to connect with all you beautiful souls.
Infinite Love