Mohammad Eshtehar was born on September 20th, 1976. As a child he did not relate to society and cultural ways. He went through many difficult experiences that take people many different life times to go through. This led him to a simple request from The Source.

“For humanity to see the true self he knew was always within him, and to simply express his essence.”

Mohammad is a vessel to channel the energy that accelerates the evolution and connection of human consciousness to the divine consciousness.

Mohammad is here to show that you are your own teacher and master. It is time for humanity to go inwards and remember that, deep within, they are always connected to everything.

Sometime during your journey you have forgotten your truth that you are one with everything, pure infinite light. he anchors the energy by opening himself up, so you can connect directly to oneness that resides within you.

Mohammad is here to bring you back to remembering this truth. You will be provided with a unique experience that is dictated by who you are, your desires, what your Soul can accept, and where you are in your Spiritual Journey. You will know the expansive awareness of the Divine Consciousness, your true essence.

You are perfect where you are as you are guided by everything within and around you. Trusting in the natural flow of life allows you to see what is always there, your divine infinite light. 

This knowing brings you a freedom now and forever and there is no going back.

Infinite Love,


About Mohammad