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Connecting to The Source Phoenix AZ

A session is a form of communion that provides people with nurturing life force energy. You connect directly to The Source, and this connection allows you to experience the presence and energy of the truth. You are provided a unique experience - an awakening, a healing, an attunement, or an initiation - specifically tailored to you. This is dictated by who you are and where you are in your spiritual journey.

Through Mohammad, many people have awakened to their gifts; and as we evolve collectively to a higher consciousness, much more will awaken.

What happens through Mohammad is indescribable and not understandable. You are called upon by your soul to connect and experience an awakening.

Take a look at Mohammad haveing a session in Braziel

For more info about Mohammad and his work please check out his website


Location: 3375 E Shea Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 8502
Any question please email
Exchange: $50

Infinite Love

Earlier Event: September 21
London UK, session & workshop