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London UK, session & workshop

Dear all, 

 A series of very special sessions in London from the 21-25 September which I think might be of interest to you or people in your network. 

I am organising sessions for Mohammad Eshtehar from Canada who is coming to share his amazing energy  and connection through both private and group sessions. He has a very special gift and you will be able to connect and understand his energy on his videos from sessions

He humbly acts as a facilitator connecting people to The Source. This connection  allows people to feel the direct the presence of truth and its energy - each person relates to it in whichever form they can relate and receive. 

In each session, you will receive a vital energy force feed by the  power, presence and love of The Source, which aims to provide whatever is needed on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Each person has a unique experience which may include healing, kundalini arising, activation or initiation tailored to each; this all depends on where you are on your spiritual path.  

He is here to show that you are your own teacher and master, as it is time for humanity to go inwards and remember that deep within they are always connected to Source.

A bit about Mohammad:

“I was born with the gift of being able to connect humanity to The Source. I became aware of it in 2003 and have worked with this energy since. I have done hundreds of individual and group sessions in a number of places around the world (Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Brasil). 

This is the work of Source. Please share it, as I am here in the service of humanity." 

Thank you and Much Love” 

Mohammad Eshtehar

I am attaching some more information and videos of the energy he moves during sessions as it is the best way to understand what he does.

I hope the work resonates with you . Please RSVP. 

To book your session or workshop please conntact Barbara or go to this page

Thank you so much. 

Love,  Barbara

Barbara Canals