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Awakening to The Universal Truth @ Unity of Phoenix AZ

Mohammad Eshtehar was born with a gift that enables him to directly connect to Divine Consciousness, the source of all life in this dimension. His purpose here on Earth is to help all humanity reach Christ consciousness, a level of awareness where you no longer see any error or judgment in the actions of you and others.

During this two-hour group session, you’ll be provided with a very unique experience dictated by who you are and where you are in your spiritual journey. The session is a form of communion that allows you to explore the nurturing life force energy of your soul that is is directly connected to the Source … a connection that allows you to experience the presence and energy of the Universal Truth. By awakening to this connection, your soul becomes aligned to its true purpose in Earth and undergoes an awakening, healing, attuentment or initiation: specifically tailored to you.

Through Mohammad, many people have awakened to their gifts. What happens through Mohammad is indescribable and not understandable. Don’t miss this incredible experience where you will be called upon by your soul to connect and experience an awakening!

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