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Awakening to The Universal Truth W Mohammad Eshtehar

Mohammad is a vessel to channel the energy, to your Soul, that accelerates the evolution and connection of human consciousness to the divine consciousness.

This knowing brings you a freedom now and forever and there is no going back.

During this session, your soul is provided with nurturing life force energy and connected directly to The Source. This connection allows you to experience the presence and energy of the truth within.

Your awakening, healing, attunement or initiation is specifically tailored to your soul and your journey up until this moment. Your experience may include:

✨ Awakening to your true divine purpose through nurturing life force energy
✨ Mental, physical, spiritual healing
✨ Pain release and healing from illness
✨ Helps with depression, anxiety and addictions
✨ Removal of condition consciousness from the past
✨ Bringing forth your gifted abilities
✨ Connecting to your spiritual guides (angels, ascended masters, deceased loved ones, etc) 

The soul is aligned to its true purpose and undergoes an awakening, a healing, an attunement, or an initiation - specifically tailored to you. You will see your lower EGO-self be released, layers upon layers of conditioning, turning to freedom, to reveal your Truth & Divinity!

☀ Special Guest: Rev. Barbie Edwards! ☀
Noted international healer, therapist and sound healer plays multiple harps that balance and heal the body, mind, and spirit. The Angels and Archangel Michael bless her with their presence and bring their Celestial tones thru her wherever she goes. She has 7 healing albums. The Angels are also responsible for creating the harps and the very special tunings that have been so healing to so many.

Early Bird Exchange: $45 until Feb. 12, $55 thereafter!
Inner Vision Yoga, 1949 W Ray Road, Suite #8, Chandler, AZ 85224
3 – 5pm ~ please bring a pillow and a blanket or dress in layers!

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